Sunlight, Chris Standring 2018

Celebrating an extraordinary and prolific 20 years since the release of his debut album Velvet, Chris Standring once again spins his trademark retro-meets-modern vibes in fresh and unexpected directions to create the perfect antidote for these daunting, uncertain times - a powerful, melodic and rhythmically infectious burst of Sunlight. A bright, ambitious soul-jazz experience featuring multiple soloists including legendary pianist Bob James, and British soul singer Mica Paris, Sunlight draws on Standring's trademark, slightly off the beaten path urban jazz artistry infusing elements of classic soul, cool jazz and some fine jazz guitar playing.

Live In London, Chris Standring 2017

Hot on the heels of his smash hit album 'Ten', Chris Standring presents 'Live In London' featuring special guest star Mica Paris. Recorded live at Cadogan Hall in Chelsea on March 5th 2017, this 14 track album (+ Bonus DOWNLOAD ONLY Track) beautifully captures the energy, edge and finesse from that one night in London.

Ten, Chris Standring 2016

Chris Standring offers his tenth solo recording with a dazzling soul infused groove-laden jazz set. This time, while keeping his melodies, rhythms and arrangements as infectious as ever, the British born, L.A. based hit maker fashions them as the vehicle for him to unleash his deeper chops as a powerhouse jazz player and improviser. Soloing with a wild abandon he's been holding back way too long, the longtime Benedetto endorsee introduces us to the latest love of his musical life, his new, gorgeous white Bambino archtop jazz guitar. Perfect combination? Sounds like a perfect Ten.

Don't Talk, Dance!, Chris Standring 2014

Chris Standring returns in 2014 with another musical left turn with Don't Talk, Dance! - A deep European progressive soul-jazz-dance influenced project featuring the best funk and soul studio musicians in Los Angeles. This 13 track set (with 2 bonus cuts) features Chris as arranger, orchestrator and producer, along with his signature solo jazz and fusion guitar sounds. Drawing on 70's style funk and soul inspiration, Chris raises the bar once again with an album that is impossible to sit still to. The first radio single 'Sneakin' Out The Front Door', features Chris on guitar talkbox, and harks back to a time reminiscent of early Jeff Beck, or Herbie Hancock, with a hook that is clearly all Chris Standring.

Electric Wonderland, Chris Standring 2012

Chris Standring's 2014 release is a 10-song CD of original songs that fuses elements of Blue Bolero’s orchestral touches with a deft jazz-pop touch that’s been a hallmark of Standring’s stellar career. “I feel like it’s an extension of Blue Bolero, but a bit more playful and upbeat,” says Standring. “And it also came out much dreamier. I’m playing electric guitar, so I wanted to merge the two when naming the CD.” On Electric Wonderland, Standring’s longtime fans, as well as guitar aficionados, may recognize that he’s doing two new things here. The first is, in keeping with the CD’s title, he’s traded his archtop jazz guitar—which imparts a much more acoustic sound—for a Fender Stratocaster, whose strings and solid-body infuses his music with a more expressive sound.

Blue Bolero, Chris Standring 2010

With his sixth CD, Blue Bolero, Standring returns with a left-turning musical project so daring in its scope but still so true to his sound that it is destined to be one of the year’s most-discussed projects, while certainly sure to be remembered in years to come as a highlight of the guitarist’s works. He’s taking a chance with Blue Bolero, but it’s one his fans will certainly embrace as they follow Standring’s ever-evolving career. “I think this one is probably the most honest CD I have recorded so far,” Standring says.

Send Me Some Snow, Chris Standring & Kathrin Shorr 2011

Guitarist Chris Standring teams up with songstress Kathrin Shorr to present an old-school-sounding, romantic-flavored album of original vocal compositions, complete with lush string arrangements and sentimental holiday feelings.

Love & Paragraphs, Chris Standring 2008

Produced by Standring and mixed and mastered by his longtime musical partner, keyboardist Rodney Lee, Love & Paragraphs was 70% recorded at the guitarist s newly completed home studio in Southern California. With Lee creating the old school harmonies and ambiences and featured performances by keyboard master Jeff Lorber and sax great Everette Harp, the collection keeps the seductive vibe of Standring s Soul Express concept flowing

Soul Express, Chris Standring 2006

Soul Express boasts the trademark Standring Sound fused with new soul, chill and jazz flavors, the end result, an intoxicating brew that will delight the ears and put a swing in your mood. Standring manages to coax the clarity and soul out of every note.

Groovalicious, Chris Standring 2003

Chris Standring’s Groovalicious came out of the gate — HOT! The single, Miss Downtown Sugar Girl, “flies off the scale — it’s one of those rare, infectious, incredible songs that makes everyone who I’ve played it for nod their head and say, “day-am!” says Rafe Gomez at The Groove Boutique. Chris Standring’s artistic excellence is on full display on Groovalicious — Jonathan Widran at Jazziz calls it “a brilliant collection of tracks that could very well be his best work to date.”

Hip Sway, Chris Standring 2000

Continuing in the vein of his 1998 CD, Velvet, is the thickly blues-based and more self-assured Hip Sway. Beautifully invoking a sense of old-school jazz sensibilities, Hip Sway mixes acid-jazz ambience and the powerful soul touches of co-producer Rodney Lee. The title track finds Standring echoing his muted Wes Montgomery-bound melody with wah-wah punch lines, then duetting casually with the eager tenor of Richard Elliot before exploding into an irresistible brassy hook--all over Lee's moody blue synth harmony. "Glamour Girls" features a propelling vamp reminiscent of Lee Morgan's "Sidewinder" under Standring's note-for-note duet with tenorman Dino Soldo, while Lee does double duty on a Hammond B-3 solo over the synth-created vamp.

Velvet, Chris Standring 1998

Velvet, the guitarist's first solo effort after the blazing funk effort by Solar System (led by Standring and this album's keyboardist/producer Rodney Lee), is full of glittery synth-created Hammond B-3 and Fender Rhodes flavors, hypnotic synth washes and gentle shuffling grooves, punchy wah-wah harmonies and dreamy, otherworldly effects. Standring waits till the tenth track, "Victoria Road," before giving us a truly infectious electric guitar melody. But the disc seems more about Standring's Benson-like precision and technique, and brilliant vibe-intensive production than just tunes. On standout tracks like "Silhouette" and the sax accented "Sneaky," Standring and Lee effortlessly swirl the electric guitar melody with subtle acoustic harmonies, effective wah-wah kicks and some Crusaders flavored key improvisations.

Solar System, 1996

Essentially the guitar/keyboard tandem of Chris Standring and Rodney Lee, these bright hipsters draw upon a stirring variety of influences (from Wes Montgomery to The Crusaders and Steely Dan) to create a seductive collection long on vibe and endlessly colorful and fascinating in texture. Sax funk courtesy of Dino Soldo and just-right doses of socially conscious rap play a crucial, bouncy role in offering melodic excitement to the atmosphere heavy vibin', while Lee seems to enjoy a Joe Sample like Fender Rhodes approach to complement Standring's marvelously subdued but still energetic electric breezes. Slow, cool jams like the nearly eight minute "Give It To Me" show that Solar System doesn't shy away from raw experimentation within a slick framework, while sumptuous, can-we-top-the-original covers of early Seventies gems "Me and Mrs. Jones" and "Walk on the Wild Side" perfectly capture the era Solar System draws its heart and soul from.

Main Course, Chris Standring 1989

Back in 1989 when Chris Standring lived in the UK he recorded an album in Stoke-On-Trent. Completely self financed, the album was an incentive to make a trip to the USA to see if he could manifest his wildest dream of getting signed to a record company. After an unsuccessful trip to Los Angeles, with zero takers, Chris returned to London a little dejected and decided to get back to freelancing as a guitar player. Twenty two years later, following several successful commercial records, Chris decided to release these early tapes on his own Ultimate Vibe record label. One for the die hard CS collector, these early recordings show the musical path Chris was destined to be on, albeit an edgier one.


Blond’s self-titled debut is high fashion getting gritty on the dance floor; artistic tension dressed up as dramatic pop. This catchy construction, as alluring and as dangerous as any first time romantic encounter, sets the scene what producer and co-writer Chris Standring calls “a beautiful mess.” More than the voice of Blond, Mary Cassidy embodies its emotional essence. Her Irish extraction and convent school education give her a unique perspective. Her background includes a lead singer and songwriter of Lulabox, signed to Radioactive Records and subsequently with London based indie band Agnes, signed to Island Records. Blond has a style all its own, equal parts Kate Moss and Twiggy. The result is something very Vogue, as Mary says, and very much rooted in the UK. Ultimately, Blond is London style as interpreted through an L.A. filter; pop music for tastes on both sides of the Atlantic.